The Crew


We are a dynamic international team of 5 young experts, skilled in different areas of IT solutions and services, from software engineering and graphical design to business intelligence and community management.

The focus of our team is set on small and medium businesses. This way we can develop tailored solutions adapted to your budget.

We are guided by the four values: Expertise, Proximity, Simplicity and Flexibility, which we believe are the key ingredients of our success.

By the way, did we tell you, that we are based in pretty and sunny French Riviera?

Our values


Every team member holds an engineering degree. With more than 10 years experience in software and web development, we supplement each other and build solid skilled team which is able to fullfill almost any customer dream.


We aim to make our solutions clear and easy to use, without compromising the quality of it. You don’t need any computer skills to fully operate, all the complex part behind the scenes leave for us.


We believe, that by being close and available to our customers we hold a unique and essential signature.

We build a strong connection from the first meeting, we define together your needs, we follow up the project until the end and we ensure continuity of support post delivery.


Every and single customer has different expectations and needs, so we listen, understand and adapt. We cherish the diversity of our customers and ready to adapt to their demands.


Dynamic, brave, flexible, and always together!


Our Services

Web Development

Our team of software engineering ninjas can build a professional web site for your enterprise, a tailored web application or even a business blog. We are user focused and driven by the needs of your company.

Online Visibility

We will help you to boost your online presence and enhance your e-business strategy through search engine optimization, targeted advertisement, social networking and more.

Solutions for Small Businesses

For your business we can develop and customize software applications, including CRM, ERP systems, adapted to your budget. We are considerate and flexible.

Our Team

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Backend developper, backup specialist, security analyst, aerial photography


Chief Officer in Command of WordPress, CSS & Javascript.
Expert in beer drinking and swimming in open waters!


Software architecture, UI, backend development, CRM solutions


Photography, Web Design, WordPress, CSS, SEO, Community Management
Passion for dogs, vegetarianism and boats


Business Development, e-Marketing
Can’t live without cooking, siestas and couchsurfing


Once we engage, we go until the end



Slack messages exchanged


Images edited


Projects completed


Sunny  days a year enjoyed

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